Sleeping Tips: How to Have a Good Night Sleep

Want a good night sleep? All you need to do is practice healthy sleeping habits for a restful, refreshing and sound sleep. Here are some simple, helpful tips for a good night sleep. Most of them pertain to your lifestyle, routine and habits.


How to have a good sleep tips

  1. Maintain a bedtime routine
  2. Wake up in the morning at the same time
  3. Make the bedroom dark and quiet
  4. Keep the bedroom noise levels minimum
  5. Make the bed comfortable to sleep
  6. Avoid watching television before going to bed
  7. Use bed only for sleep and sex
  8. Keep the bedroom temperature optimum
  9. Keep the bedroom well ventilated
  10. Use dim lights in the bedroom
  11. Take warm bath before going to bed
  12. Maintain good body hygiene
  13. Have a cup of warm milk at bedtime
  14. Relax the muscles with deep breathing before bedtime
  15. Meditate to clear unnecessary thoughts in mind
  16. Listen to the music to relax the mind
  17. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol before going to bed
  18. Do not exercise before going to bed
  19. Avoid too many fluids two hours before bedtime
  20. Avoid heavy and high fat meals before bed time
  21. Include fruits and vegetables in the diet
  22. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water
  23. Wear comfortable, light weight clothes to the bed
  24. Do not lie for prolonged periods in the bed in the morning
  25. Expose to sunlight during the day
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