How to Choose the Best Hair Growth Products for Women

There are several hair growth products, remedies and supplements on the market that stop hair loss and aid with growing your hair. Some of these products are harmful and many of them are helpful. You will definitely want to stay away from products that are chemical-based and focus more on natural products. Use all natural hair products that are filled with essential fatty acids and diets that are rich in hair friendly nutrients.

Handle your hair with care

Shampoo and condition your hair regularly so that your hair can grow to its desired length. Make sure that you do not put too much stress on your hair. If you braid your hair make sure that the hairstyle you choose doesn’t put too much stress on your hair.


Say no to perms

Always remember that all hair growth begins with providing your hair with the nutrients it needs and not doing anything that will damage your hair. Stay away from all perms and chemical treatments since all these will do damage to your hair. Most women living in modern cities tend to perm their hair and it looks beautiful in all their styles. However, the chemicals contained in these products are detrimental to the growth of their hair. The solution to growing your hair is to not perm your hair while following techniques that promote healthy hair growth.

Types of products you need

Your hair naturally grows a half an inch every month but if it’s breaking fast you won’t see that much growth. Therefore you need the right types of products that reduce the breakage and promote growth. To reduce the breakage of your hair, you need:

  • a gentle shampoo
  • a good protein treatment
  • an effective moisturizer
  • a hair growth supplement preferably herbal; and
  • heat protection products to protect your hair from the damage heat would normally do to your hair.

With these products you are well on your way to stimulate faster hair growth.

Products for hair loss due to hereditary problem

Remember that the length that your hair can grow to is determined by genetics as well as by care. For those who do not have hereditary problems then hair vitamins would be very helpful in solving your hair loss or hair growth problems. However, if you are losing hair due to hereditary problems you may use stronger products such as Rogaine or Propecia which have been successfully used by others. These pharmaceutical products do have side effects as most of these products do.


Hair regrowth takes effort and commitment on your part. It takes discipline to care for your hair and give it what it needs. But if you love your hair you will put in the effort it takes to get the right types of products. If you follow these tips you should have a full head of hair that’s long and beautiful.

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