Effectiveness of Blue Light Acne Therapy: Is It for You?

Anyone who has persistent or severe acne knows that the condition can impact life negatively. It can affect self confidence, social skills, and much else besides. So it’s not much wonder that people are willing to try anything that promises relief from this skin condition, and this explains the interest in acne blue light therapy. So, how effective is this therapy and what different types of acne it works for? Read on to find out…

What actually is acne blue light therapy?

This is a kind of light therapy that is used to treat acne. Sunlight is known to help with certain types of acne. However since sun exposure can cause skin damage, this treatment was developed to kill acne causing bacteria without damaging skin.

There are different types of acne with different causes. There are certain types of acne causing bacteria that die from exposure to certain types of light. So, when the skin is treated with blue light (sometimes blue light in combination with red light), it can help clear up the skin by killing the bacteria responsible.


Acne blue light therapy is also used in conjunction with heat therapy which helps to reduce the size of the oil (sebaceous) glands within the skin. This helps to reduce the amount of oil produced by the skin and hence fewer pimples.

Typically several sessions of this treatment is required to clear the skin of acne. About two sessions of 15 minutes each, twice a week for a month are typically required. As a result of the treatment, there can be some amount of redness, peeling, etc. but this is temporary and will clear up soon.

Is it for you?

For someone with acne, light therapy may seem like an ideal solution to their problems; particularly if they have tried other treatments and have found that they don’t work. However it has to be remembered that the efficacy of this treatment depends upon the type of acne you have.

Experts also warn that other treatments may be required in conjunction with the blue light therapy; that the treatment may be ineffectual without other medical treatments. Results can be unpredictable and even after several sessions of acne blue light therapy, the clearing of the skin may only be between 30 and 60%.

It is important to remember that the treatment effects can be temporary, and after treatment skin care is very important. Also acne blue light therapy is expensive and anyone considering it should find out if their insurance plan covers it.

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