MRI Brain Scan: Procedure, Preparation and Purpose

Many medical procedures that are commonly performed today can often be diagnostic in nature. They are used to help doctors obtain more information regarding a specific part of the body or body system. One of the medical procedures that is used to diagnose various brain conditions is a brain MRI scan.

A brain MRI scan can help doctors diagnose several medical conditions that adversely impact one’s brain. It also makes it much easier to see the internal part of the brain. Some possible diagnoses that could result from a brain MRI scan include tumors, strokes, and infections. Brain MRI scans can also be utilized to detect possible brain aneurysms, abnormal brain development and conditions like multiple sclerosis.

brain-mri-scanOften the patients present symptoms that can be characteristic of different ailments. These symptoms may include headaches, vision problems, heading loss and problems speaking. By using a brain MRI scan, doctors can get the information they need to diagnose, and then subsequently treat the patient.

When a brain MRI scan is performed, the patient will be asked to lie on a table. This table will then move the patient into the chamber of the MRI machine. Small devices are affixed to the patient’s head. These devices help improve the quality of the images captured by the MRI scan.

Usually prior to this medical procedure, patients are given certain directions. Often they are asked to avoid drinking or eating anywhere from 4 to 6 hours before the scan takes place. Before the procedure, certain medical conditions should be reported. Those that have an advanced case of kidney disease cannot have a brain MRI due to the materials used in the procedure. Additionally, women who are pregnant should inform the technician.

Patients who have implanted objects in their body such as pacemaker, heart valves, metal pins, screws, etc. should discuss this with their doctor so they are aware that these exist. Not telling one’s doctor might affect interpretation of the test.

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