What is a Colon Cleanse? Is it Good for Health?

The colon cleanse goes by many names – it is called colon therapy, colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation. The basic premise of this therapy is that the colon is the repository for several toxins and wastes that impact health negatively. So the colon cleanse may be offered as therapy for improving general health, removing specific ailments or even weight loss. Many celebrities endorsing the therapy or claiming to use it with satisfactory results, has drawn attention to and popularized it.

What Is a Colon Cleanse?

There is the theory of auto-intoxication which recommends colon cleanse therapies. According to this theory, putrefied remains of food and feces line the inside of the colon that cause disease or general ill health. Supposedly various harmful bacteria or parasites can be harbored within this waste matter which is required to be removed, say proponents of the colon cleanse.

colon-cleansingSo in effect the colon is required to be ‘cleansed’ of all this waste matter so that a person can regain good health and even lose weight. Various procedures are used for cleansing the colon. Fiber supplements or laxatives can be taken orally to try and clean the colon of unnecessary accumulations.

However some forms of colon therapy also are administered via the rectum. Water or water mixed with certain herbal concoctions or other liquids may be injected into the rectum. This is much like an enema that may be administered to constipated bowels. Colon cleansing is often promoted as a weight control program. It claims to help the body digest food and eliminate waste properly. In particular this is recommended because of the amount of pollution and environmental toxins that we live with and ingest.

Is Colonic Irrigation Recommended?

Many medical experts say that colonic cleansing may do more harm than good. Firstly, the colon is not ‘dirty’ as it is claimed, nor it is encrusted with putrefying or fecal matter. The colon has an excellent self cleansing system that ought not to be messed with. Some colon cleanse products also claim that they help to shed weight by preventing the absorption of calories by the body. This is also not true.

In fact many of these products are nothing but laxatives that could cause dehydration. There could also be the erosion of friendly bacteria and necessary mucus that line the inside of the intestines. There could also be side effects such as bad breath, weakness, headaches, body odor and skin eruptions.

So in conclusion it is important to consult with a doctor if you have any worrisome symptoms and to tell them if you’re contemplating using any type of colon cleanse.

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