Ease Constipation with These Natural Remedies

With the sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy food consumption patterns that so many of us have these days, constipation is a common problem and a growing one at that. The good news is that constipation can be managed and eased using natural therapy and simple home remedies. In this article, we look at some effective ways to resolve constipation.

1. Exercise

As exercise is good for practically all of the body’s system, it is good for the digestive system as well. Simply put, exercise improves blood circulation that impacts all other systems positively. It speeds up the digestive process and gives the food less time to sit in the intestines. The longer food remains in the intestines, the drier and harder it becomes and the most difficult to pass.

2. Fiber Rich Diet

green-vegetablePlenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and beans add to the bulk of the stool. This keeps the stool soft and easy to pass. Make it a rule of thumb – where possible replace processed or prepared foods for whole and natural produce.

3. Fiber Supplements

Our lifestyles don’t always allow for a healthy diet that includes sufficient amount of dietary fiber or enough exercise to keep the gut healthy. Or we could have certain disorders or diseases that make it difficult for us to consume the requisite dietary fiber. In this case, fiber supplements can help soften and add bulk to the stool and make it easier to pass.

4. Acupressure and Biofeedback

Acupressure is a natural remedy that requires the pressing or rubbing of specific points on the body to stimulate certain reaction in other corresponding parts of the body. A specific point between the thumb and the index finger is thought to stimulate the large intestine. When pressure is applied to this point, it helps some people improve their constipation symptoms.

Biofeedback training to improve the coordination of the muscles used for passing stool is also known to help ease symptoms.

5. Drinking Water

Constipation is a result of hard, dry or dense stools. For stools to pass easily there has to be enough moisture and bulk. So quite simply drinking more water during the day will help hydrate the digestive system and ease passage of stool.

6. Probiotics

The natural bacteria that line the intestines are important for normal digestion. Unhealthy food, disease or antibiotics sometimes erode these bacterial populations. Eating probiotic foods (yoghurt, etc.) can help replenish the gut bacteria and hence ease constipation.

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