Alcohol Impotence Symptoms and Recovery

Alcohol consumption is seen to lower inhibitions and may also encourage risky behavior – people tend to equate alcohol consumption with increased sexual drive and desire. This is a largely mistaken view. Consuming large amount of alcohol actually suppresses the nervous system and causes penile erectile dysfunction. In fact a long term consumption of excessive alcohol can mean several negative impacts on male sexual function.

Symptoms of alcohol impotence

Men suffering the negative impacts of excessive and extended alcohol consumption may suffer some or many of these symptoms of alcohol impotence:

  • alcohol-impotenceThere may be a reduced desire for having sexual intercourse. The reduced sexual desire may be recurrent and persistent.
  • Men frequently have difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection. There may be a complete or partial failure to complete the sexual act and this may become a problem repeatedly. Studies have found that some episodes of difficulty maintaining an erection is quite common among alcoholics
  • Achieving orgasm can also be problematic for men– some men may be able to achieve an erection but may then find themselves either losing the erection or may have difficulty in completion
  • Some men may also experience the opposite problem of premature ejaculation – ejaculation could occur even with very little stimulation
  • These symptoms could cause interpersonal and relationship problems and distress among couples.
  • There may be other symptoms such as low testosterone levels, digestive problems, liver problems, central and nervous system problems and other symptoms consistent with alcoholism

Alcohol impotence recovery

One of the problems with alcohol impotence is that the problem is frequently under-reported. The incidence and prevalence of the problem is therefore not fully understood. Not admitting the problem also prevents effective treatment.

So the first step towards recovery from alcohol impotence is to admit that a problem exists. Mechanical aids and prescription medications could help resolve the problem to an extent, but controlling the drinking and stopping it is obviously most effective way to control the problem. Behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis and joining organizations such as the Alcoholics Anonymous could help a man significantly in his attempt to recover from alcohol impotence.

Couples therapy may also be needed to try and repair the problems that a relationship could have suffered as a result of both the alcoholism as well as the erectile dysfunction. To get the sexual relationship back on track, couples therapy may not only be indicated it may be necessary.

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