Astigmatism of the Eye in Kids

Proper eye care is a must for everyone. Eyes are windows to the world. Today eye care has given rise to more knowledge about this field. Many eye problems can be solved by surgery. Some eye problems require minimum intervention by doctor.

astigmatism in kids

It is imperative that you approach the doctor at the right time. Ophthalmologists give solutions to eye problems. Astigmatism is associated with blurred vision. It can be congenital.

Today around 20 percent of children are affected by astigmatism. The reason for astigmatism is that the front portion of eye or cornea is not curved properly. The curvature is not smooth. One side is bent steeper while the other portion is flatter. Here light rays do not focus properly on retina and they cause the vision to be blurred.

Astigmatism is fairly common. Today many are affected by this. It is usually present from birth. But it may also occur due to accidents or some kind of injury. The eye of an astigmatic patient is shaped liked a spoon or football causing light rays to be refracted in different directions and losing the picture on retina.

  • Astigmatism belongs to a family of eye defect of refractive error.
  • Astigmatism can occur with near sightedness and farsightedness.
  • Astigmatism often comes with eye strain and fatigue.

So you should visit to doctor if such symptoms occur. Astigmatism progresses with age and time. Many cases of astigmatism can be treated by use of spectacles and contact lenses.

Types of astigmatism

There are two kinds of astigmatism. One is corneal astigmatism and other is lenticular astigmatism. One affects the lens and other affect’s the cornea. Often the best way to astigmatism is use of contact lenses. But in some cases surgery is also used. Either rigid contact lenses, gas permeable contact lenses or soft contact lenses are used to treat astigmatism.

Occurrence of astigmatism in kids

Diosmosis of astigmatism for kids is very difficult. The kids are unable to express any vision change. They would not even know that a problem exists. They are not able to express what specific problem they’re facing. Annual visit to a doctor is a good way to diagnose this problem. The doctor will conduct a series of test to confirm astigmatism.

The most common complain of a child who goes to school is that he is not able to see the chalkboard. He may also complain of headache and eyestrain. The common problem can be solved by use of spectacle or eye glasses.

Contact lenses are not practical for children as they do not understand how to use them. They are not mature enough to take responsibility of maintaining the contact lenses. Today many contact lenses are sold in the market that are scratch proof and crack proof but still they are not advisable for kids.

Surgery too is not advised for children. But in severe cases astigmatism can be treated by surgery. Children have to be mentally prepared if surgery is to be done. They have to be lighthearted and positive. Surgery involves a series of steps and children have to be informed about everything. Astigmatism among children is a serious issue and thus must be dealt with patience and care.

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