5 Common Dental Problems and Complications

Anybody who ever had a dental pain or complication can tell you it is definitely not something to smile about. More often when the problem persists, the tooth is required to be removed, leaving the person with fewer teeth. Treatment of the dental diseases can be very costly and accompanied by a lot of pain. So, it is advisable to take the tooth and mouth hygiene seriously. You should brush your teeth regularly and also go for occasional checkups. There are many dental problems and complications one can suffer from; here are some of the most common ones.

1. Tooth Decay

dental-checkupTooth decay or cavity is one of the leading dental complications. Tooth decay occurs when sticky food substances and sugar are formed on the teeth. These food substances contain acid that affects the tooth enamel. To avoid this, you should brush your teeth regularly – once in the morning and once when you go to bed.

2. Gum Disease

Gum disease is another common dental problem that affects many people. At times, it may also be a sign of heart related complications. Though the disease may affect both, children and adults, it more common in grownups. If left untreated, one may have to lose the tooth. The 2 stages of this disease, i.e. gingivitis and periodontitis can be detected early if regular checkup is done.

3. Mouth Sores

Although this is not a disease to get worried about, it can cause substantial damage if not treated on time. There are different types of mouth sores; the types that attack more frequently include fever blisters, ulcers, and thrush.

4. Tooth Erosion

This is a situation whereby an individual loses tooth structure, often caused by acid that destroys the enamel of the tooth. The signs of tooth erosion may vary from one person to another but if not treated early enough it might graduate into a serious dental problem. Tooth erosion causes the tooth to crack; however, this problem can be avoided by ensuring mouth hygiene.

5. Oral Cancer

This is one of the most dangerous dental diseases, and it has been found to affect a big number of people globally. Oral cancer may affect the lips, mouth, and even the throat.

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