Depression: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When you really feel down, you are out of solutions as to why you could be suffering from depression. It is an illness where a person is in a state of negative attitude towards everything in life and has no interest in anything; sometimes not even in life itself.

Possible Causes

There are various causes that have been identified. It is advisable to know these causes in order to prevent the disorder, especially in its early stages. One of the major causes is genetics. It has been stated that there is a gene that is associated with this problem because it prevents the brain from handling stress and therefore encourages the development of depression. Another cause could be stress and stressful situations.

Common Symptoms

depressionDepression also has various types of symptoms that can be identified for confirmation. These include stomach aches, lethargy, headaches, fatigue, pain and lack of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed. Some people have severe symptoms than others, and hence it is important that the symptoms are checked by a doctor before you undergo any treatment.

Treatment Options

There are various types of treatments and the selection of a particular method also depends on the severity of the illness. Prominent treatments include prescription of anti-depression medicine and counseling therapy or classes. They can be undertaken at home or through a treatment centre that has better equipped facilities. Other treatments involve exercising which helps to relieve stress that is actually a contributor, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

Depression is increasing each year and it is advised to improve your overall health by following a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercises and nutrient diets to keep it at bay. Apart from this, going to see your doctor for a regular checkup also helps in preventing the problem before it occurs.

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