Types, Causes and Treatment of Sinus

Winter has arrived. Many people like this weather, but people with problems like sinus, asthma, arthritis face problem. Nearly everyone has experienced a sinus problem. The heavy head with pain and pressure around the face due to cold, allergies or airborne pollutants are the common symptoms of sinus.  Sinuses are the holes in the skull between the facial bones.

Types of Sinus

Chronic  Sinus: The long lasting sinus are the chronic sinus and the symptoms are pressure across mid-face and dull headache.

Acute Sinus: The short lasting sinus are acute sinus and the symptoms are fever, raspy voice and nasal obstruction.

What Can Be the Causes?

Infection is the main cause of sinus. Other than this is allergy to pollens, dust and air pollutants are the root causes of sinus.

Treatment Options


Decongestants: Decongestants are the drugs that temporarily relief the nasal congestion. They help in the healing process by drying the nose and the mucus.

Nasal Sprays: These are the decongestants in a spray form. They are effective when used for few days, but can be addicting when used for longer time.

Inhalers: Types of prescribed nasal inhalers are available that help in reducing inflammation of sinus. They are not habit forming and are not decongestants.

Humidifiers: Dry air heating systems can cause sinus membrane to dry out and become vulnerable to irritants and infection.

Expectorants: These are the drugs that thin the mucus so that drains easily.

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