What Are the Typical Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a scary thing to deal with. Sometimes people suffer with temporary hearing loss as a result of their ears being clogged up with too much earwax, which can be easily removed at home or at a doctor’s office. Other times, temporary hearing loss or ringing in the ears, which is also known as tinnitus, can occur as a result of long periods of time during which an individual is exposed to very loud noises or music.

But when hearing loss occurs as a result of trauma to the ear or age, it’s more frightening because it isn’t temporary. And the only way to really fix permanent hearing loss is through the use of hearing aids. If you think that you or a loved one may be suffering with hearing loss, continue reading to understand what the typical symptoms of this condition are.

Trouble Hearing the Words When Someone Speaks

One of the most common symptoms associated with hearing loss is being unable to actually distinguish the words that someone is saying. You may be able to hear the voice, but it’s muffled to the point that you can’t determine what the person wants to say.

hearing-lossAnother common symptom is being unable to hear people speaking to you when you’re in a crowded, noisy environment. If there’s a lot of background noise, you’ll find it extremely difficult to understand what someone is saying to you, no matter how loud they get. This can also occur when more than one person is speaking at once.

If you or a loved one has to constantly ask others to speak more loudly or to speak more clearly in order to understand them, be aware that this is a common symptom of hearing loss. The next step should be seeing a doctor who specializes in hearing problems and can test your hearing for changes.

Turning the TV and Radio on Much Louder

In addition to being unable to hear people talking around you, another common sign of hearing loss is the inability to hear the television or radio at an appropriate volume. If you continually have to turn the volume up higher than you ever had to in the past, you should see a doctor and have your hearing tested to determine how much hearing loss you’re suffering from and what can be done to treat it, especially if a cause can be determined.

If you notice that a loved one has his or her TV or radio turned up very high and he or she cannot hear you properly when you speak, which causes you to continually have to repeat yourself, make sure you schedule an appointment so that he or she can see an ear specialist for help.

Cloudy Hearing or Ringing in the Ears

Sometimes hearing loss is also accompanied by a cloudy sense of hearing or a constant ringing in the ears. Other symptoms include a hissing sound, a roaring sound, or a buzzing in the ear that makes it difficult to make out the other sounds in the environment and what people are saying.

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