Calcium Supplements and Heart Disease in Men

Bone health is crucial for all of us. We like to have good bone health. The common perception is that bones begin to weaken was we grow old. So to make bone of strong density we begin to take calcium supplement. We take calcium in form of pills and begin to get dependent on it. Bone health depends on good bone density. According to new research we should depend on dietary intake of calcium for maintaining good bone health. The new findings have shown that osteoporosis begin to happen after certain age. Both men and woman should take calcium as supplement.

How calcium intake from outside is a threat to heart in men

calcium supplements and heart disease

A research was conducted by Qian Xiao of national health institute to study the lifestyle and diet of men between 40 to 50 years old and their cardiovascular health. They were questioned about the lifestyle and diet. They were particularly asked about their supplements. They were asked whether they took any supplement between 1996 and 1997. There were about 322,876 men who were questioned. They were questioned for about their history of 12 years. Many people died in between. Investigating their deaths it was found that they took calcium supplement at the onset. They were taking multivitamins and they depended on calcium for their mineral need.

It has been concluded that men those who took 1000 milligram of calcium everyday had 20 percent higher risk of dying a heart attack death. It is explained that the men has arteries blocked by calcium. It was also found that calcium is deposited in veins and that caused plaque to occur. It has also been found that calcium intake affects woman too. The arteries are clogged with mineral and calcium content which facilitates heart attacks. It has been established that calcium content is risk for woman too. If you take calcium form outside then it has more detrimental results. So calcium intake should be highly prohibited.

Why food rich in calcium should be eaten

It is recommended that you take calcium intake from food. It is better that calcium requirement is done through food alone. There are various foods that contain high quantity of calcium. Food like cabbage, leek, milk and egg white contains high quantity of calcium.

This intake of calcium is good for health. Research has proved that food rich in calcium intake is good for bone health. There is less chance of osteoporosis and other bone related disease if one takes regular amount of high fiber and calcium rich food. After 40 the diet should have sufficient amount of calcium. This is necessary because calcium digestion is reduced after 40’s.

These studies on link between calcium intake and heart failure though needs more research. High calcium intake leads to calcification of arties. This is established. It leads to more strokes and myocardial infraction. The calcium is associated with post-menopausal syndrome in women. It is suggested that men should take not more 1000-2000 milligram of calcium. Serum calcium is dangerous. The level of calcium in blood should not go up. Hence greater caution should be done if one has to take calcium form outside. This is a recent finding. As with every research more correlation is needed for facts.

So further research should be done to establish a clear link between the two aspects of calcium intake.

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