Health Benefits of Green Almonds

Although most of us are familiar with brown almond kernels, not many of us know about green almonds. They are mostly available at the early spring. They are raw version of matured brown almonds that we normally relish. Green almonds are fuzzy light green, look like soft spherical objects filled with skinless bit crunch almonds.


Unlike matured almonds, these are delicate and different in texture. Mostly we come across these stone fruits during early spring. They are very popular and go good with flaky salt wholly. There are many ways to eat them. As the season passes by green colored soft fruit starts turning into brown colored tough nut.

Majority of green almond orchards are found in California in the United States, usually from April to June. The United States is considered as the major producer of well-known nutritious nut although they are native to Middle East and Mediterranean region. One can get them in local farmers markets and specialty markets as well. They are great, nutritious, easy to carry, and handy on-the- go snacks.

Green almonds control blood sugar

Green almonds and dry almonds both are considered very healthy as they contain vitamin C, E, iron, calcium, magnesium, riboflavin, and L-Carnitine. They are high in protein and low in glycemic index. Glycemic index is a measurement or a ranking of carbohydrate food in terms of its ability to increase the glucose level in the blood. Green almonds also promote insulin secretion, which regulates the blood sugar level.

Helps in detoxification

Antioxidants present in green almonds detoxify our body. Toxic accumulation in the body gives way to various diseases and weakening of the immune system. Various types of viruses and bacteria start attacking the body with poor immunity, making it further weak.

Flushing our toxins is important to avoid aches, anxiety, cramps, low blood pressure, diarrhea , fatigue, fever , urine infections, and various other health issues. Detoxification is nothing but cleansing the blood and removing any impurities present therein. Antioxidants present in almonds contribute greatly in protecting from oxidative stress that damages molecules in our body cells and fastens the ageing process. Green almonds also protect our body from cancer.

Controls blood pressure

Magnesium content in almonds controls the blood pressure level. Magnesium supplements are good for people with high blood pressure. The minerals help in expanding blood vessels and improve the blood flow.

Alkaline state of body

As we all know, acidic state of body is not healthy. Our body always tries to remain in alkaline state; to be more specific, it tries to maintain a PH of 7.365 which is slightly alkaline. Consuming alkaline foods surely helps in improving the quality of our body and life. Our diet says it all when it comes to balanced functioning of the body. Green almonds are alkaline producing food that helps in maintaining PH balance. An acidic body will try to extract nutrients from the bones to be in balance whereas alkaline body is less prone to damage and disease.

Clear and glowing skin

Almonds are rich in antioxidants as discussed before. They help in getting clear and glowing skin as it provides vitamin E. Major ingredient of Vitamin E is alpha-tocopherol which turns out to be best for skin. Consuming it directly is the best and easiest way although there are other ways too. Green Almond face mask and Green almond oil massage is offered by many beauty salons or parlors to enhance the beauty and quality of skin. It provides prevention from wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots etc.

Best for hair care

The protein in almonds adds healthiness and shine to the hair. Protein is required for healthy and good looking hair. It increases the blood flow to towards the scalp thus helping hair to grow and making them attractive.

High fiber content

Fiber present in any food helps in easing the digestive process by moving the food through digestive system efficiently. Almonds are one of them that help in increasing the fiber content in the food. They are very good for stomach helping in treating various chronic stomach problems.

Weight loss

They help in shedding that extra unwanted fat as they help in reducing hunger and thus promoting weight loss. They are low in carbs hence good for people who want to keep number on weighing scale low. Moderate intake of almonds between meals and snacks are the best way to make use of almonds in losing weight. A handful of almonds have as many calories and proteins in it to keep tummy full all night. However people on diet try to avoid these snacks due to high calories and misconception about it which researchers have proved otherwise.

Improves brain power

Almonds are known for improving the brain as they are famous as brain food. Vitamin E in almond is responsible for boosting alertness of mind and keeping memory intact for longer.

Good for heart health

The phytic acid found in green almonds controls certain minerals from absorption. The skin of green almonds helps in maintaining good health of heart. The skin contains flavonoids and bioflavonoids that help in lowering the cholesterol level that is bad for heart health.

There are various ways other than consuming them directly , like into salads, soups , pastas , cakes, desserts, salsas etc. etc.

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