7 Worst Foods to Avoid for Good Health

They say that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. That may well be the case, but there are some foods that just aren’t good for any of us. These are the foods that all of us should avoid because they are simply bad for our health. Here are some of the no good food to keep away from.

1. Anything with trans fats

They clog your arteries, they dull the brain, they make you crave more – and these are just some of the reasons why you should avoid trans fats. Food manufacturers hydrogenate fats to increase shelf life of foods and therefore profitability. There is nothing good about transfats – no nutrition and no health giving properties.

2. Processed meat

meat-on-conveyorProcessed meat may be delicious but it is loaded with salt, unhealthy fats, preservatives and other chemicals that could be carcinogenic. Intake of excessive amount of processed meat is linked to increased colorectal cancer risk. It is best to stick to cuts of unprocessed lean meat.

3. Some baked goods

Cakes, bread, pastries, donuts, and ready desserts look and taste really great but take a look at what they contain. Transfats, sugar, salt, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and refined flour are what most of these foods contain; everything we should be steering clear of.

4. Frozen meals

These may be convenient and seemingly may be a boon for our busy lives, but these again contain all manner of unhealthy ingredients. Preservatives are a must for food that has to last a lot time, and then there is the high sodium and fat content to make the food palatable. It all comes down to the fact that there is really no substitute for plain old home cooking.

5. Foods fried at very high temperatures

Chips and other fried foods are bad even with the tag “No Transfats” emblazoned on the package. This is because items fried (or even baked) at very high temperatures are known to contain acrylamide which is known to be connected to cancer.

6. ‘Low’ this or that foods

They have to make it palatable, so when they decrease the fat they increase the salt. When they decrease the salt, they increase the sugar. Don’t trust the package when they say “healthy” or “low fat” or “diet”.

7. Sweet beverages

There is really no reason to drink any of the sweetened beverages – not even those that claim to have just one calorie. It isn’t just the empty calories from sugar that are bad, even the artificial sweetening agents may be bad for us.

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