7 Harmful Effects of Vitamin Supplements on Your Body

You may be taking vitamin pills with the intention of making you live long and healthy. But do you know what actually happens? It is really important to know that you risk your life by getting addicted to those artificial tablets. Vitamin supplements are in fact bad for your health. The more pills you swallow, the shorter you live.

vitamin supplements

According to a study conducted in the UK by the Cochrane Collaboration, it was found that there was no evidence to support the consumption of vitamin supplements. The study analyzed some 67 high standard researches and dealt with vitamin supplements and number of deaths to fortify the fact that vitamin supplements are too risky indeed.

Given below are some of the harmful effects of vitamin supplements on your health:

1. Vitamin supplements may have increased death rates

You will be surprised to know that the supplement of vitamins didn’t slow down the rate of deaths. Instead vitamins A, E and beta carotene were reported to have caused an increase in the death rate. Therefore, think before to opt for vitamin supplements as long as you want to lead a healthy life with longevity.

As an alternative, you can switch into a healthy and balanced diet, together with fresh vegetables, green leaves and fruits, if you really want to inject those minerals and vitamins to your body.

2. Too much vitamin supplements can induce certain deficiency

Besides, excessive supplements of any mineral or vitamin to your body can be very hazardous. In such a case, the human body automatically tries to reduce the absorption rate. Thus the body incurs a deficiency and it should be settled with vitamin pills that you will have to take in addition.

Since the concentration of the pills is very high, there is a colossal risk that you will have to undergo. In fact the animals and plants produce the vitamins that are not present in our bodies. So you have lots of raw materials, abundant with the required vitamin elements.

What you need is to eat a lot of natural products as mentioned. In spite of the temptations of vitamin supplement producers, you shall need to stand out and consume natural products to complete your vitamin and mineral requirement.

3. Vitamin supplements and cancer could be related

According to a latest scientific study research, lung cancer can come out as a consequence of supplement of vitamins. The research was carried out for over a decade among more than 70, 000 people who were using vitamin C and E separately.

People who took vitamin C supplement had hardly any improvement in their health over the 10 years, while more than 500 of others who used the vitamin E extensively, became potential lung cancer candidates.

It was interesting to note that most of them were senior adults. The evidence also stated that the vitamin E supplement was also leading the adults to chromatic disease as well. The findings were always applied to the senior adults who were more addicted to gulping down more pills than the young.

There were also noticeable multivitamin combinations apart from the single vitamin E. However, this can’t be accepted and needs much avoidance as soon as possible to increase life expectancy. We can’t let this happen as the things are likely to grow worse as the situation is getting more severe.

4. Too much vitamin supplements are a threat to natural immune system of the body

Addiction to vitamin pills has a significant influence on your immunization. When you keep on taking pills, the natural cycle of body is disturbed leading to many irritating outcomes in the end. Therefore you will need to understand the havoc that vitamin supplements could create to your body.

Otherwise you will have to fight severely for your own survival with accelerating expenses. Therefore, it’s advisable that you should make necessary precautions against this. Once your immune system is down, the possibility of being infected with a disease will enormously rise and it’s really difficult to get the control back, as per the latest researches.

5. Vitamin harassment can induce mental agony

If you become a victim of non-natural vitamin-related harassment, there will be more than physical effects that you have to undergo. Your mental senses will always have to be alert, because as the time goes on, agony will develop inside you.

This could further extend to a sort of depression as a panic situation, whereas you will always be required to be ready to the changing side effects of taking vitamin pills. In order to avoid this mental stress you should deal a lot with methods that have curative effects in terms of psychological activity.

6. Vitamin supplements may cause defects in your offspring

One of the most severe affects that too much vitamin supplements lead to is a state where there will be genetic deformations of your children or grandchildren. This effect is bit different from others as the outcomes are long term, as per the analysis conducted by different biological study groups, worldwide.

The latest results say that the hereditary effects will be visible from the immediate generations after yours. The genetically affected members of your offspring can have malfunctions of their health and would be very slow in learning, compared to other individuals of the same age. Hence, it’s extremely necessary to take the relevant precaution, which is not to use vitamin supplements again. Let your offspring experience healthy and active lives while enjoying the beauty of the life itself.

7. Vitamin supplements can cause undesired physical and physiological changes

Suppose you take beta-carotene as a vitamin supplement. If you take a beta carotene tablet once a day for a considerable amount of time, you will essentially grow some slightly yellowish spots on your skin in the beginning. However, still you have the chance of getting back into normal as you were.

Stop your dose for a month and you’ll find yourself again with the previous skin color. This will not incur you any permanent damage at all. But the thing is it is risky in the sense that the side effects can also occur at the meantime.

Though beta-carotene delivers vitamin A, the extra amount that is left in the body can cause you a lot of trouble. That is one of the reasons why vitamin supplement is treated as troublesome and harmful. It can direct you to liver damage if developed. It can also generate fatigue and jaundice supporting the idea that supplementation of vitamins is best avoided.

However, it is good to see that the reality is more exposed now thanks to the role played by journals and other publications. Things can go worse, if you happen to be a smoker at the same time. The smokers can be infected with lung cancer even if they take a dose of 30 milligrams per day. This situation may grow to be aggressive one if the candidate is exposed to asbestos which can also cause mesothelioma.

You will now understand that supplemental vitamin beta-carotene cannot really benefit anyone in terms of the prevention of cancer and certain cardiovascular diseases. For chain smokers, more harmful episodes will be launched as the time goes on. Additionally there can be more agonizing experiences with using vitamin supplements, as you will be exposed to many tumor-promoting agents. These tumor-promoting agents come into action when the beta-carotene is broken down to vitamin A.

Well, it is always advisable to look for natural food and natural sources of vitamins rather than going ahead with vitamin supplements. You won’t need to go to the shop and buy the vitamin pills of many sizes, if you are able to find the same form of vitamin, but in a different format.

With the spread of more news and knowledge, it is good to see that there are more people with a change in their diet by choosing natural products rather than artificial supplement pills and tablets. Thus, you will be able to alleviate the possible risks and potential harms, if you go along the right path with a natural and human-friendly diet. It may be best to observe not to rely so much on vitamin supplements, which are said to be somewhat harmful for the health and life condition as well.

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