Sit Less and Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

As the world is growing at the fast pace so are the diseases; and type 2 diabetes is considered to be a very common disease of all. Usually type 2 diabetes is caused when the production of insulin to the pancreas is not sufficient or it doesn’t comply the action of insulin in the body cells like in fat, liver and muscle. Type 2 diabetes is strongly associated with being obese and unhealthy eating habits.

sit less for type 2 diabetes

It’s been found that sitting less and moving your body more reduce the risk of getting affected. Moving your body keeps you active and the formation of insulin in less in the body. People who are affected by type 2 diabetes should spend out few minutes for physical activity; it will keep them fit and healthy.

Here are some important symptoms of type 2 diabetes:

  • Always feel like you are thirsty
  • Feeling if urination
  • Cravings to eat sweet food
  • Unnecessary weight gain
  • Itchiness around your thigh area and around your genitals.
  • Feeling of tiredness.
  • Getting infected frequently like boils around your body

To avoid yourself from getting affected you should take certain precaution prior itself like:

  • Keep your weight maintained and check regularly.
  • Exercise regularly and give some exertion to your body.
  • Keep an eye over your blood pressure and frequently visit doctor, so that you can keep an eye over it.
  • Cholesterol is an important factor, which needs to be checked regularly.
  • Do not consume too much carbohydrate as carbohydrates turns into fats.
  • Do not ignore your health conditions as it may result to major problem.

If you are at work and you don’t find time to exercise, you can simply stretch your body and take a small walk at regular intervals. Try to consume food that are rich in fibers, avoid eating sweet food or fried junk food. Now a day’s people are consuming junk food because they have no time to cook and they want easy and quick food. Its time when you take preventive measure and avoid yourself from eating more.

Stress is the main factor for every disease. Emotional eating happens due to stress and you don’t have control over your eating habits, this rigorous eating may not only affect your body but even your brain. It’s my advice to take care before anything major happens. Exercising regularly will keep you fit and your weight will be under control. Diabetes has the direct connection with the heart failure; all the cardio vascular problems are due to diabetes. Heart attacks are the major reason of increasing sugar level in your body.

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