Workplace Health and Wellness: 10 Tips to Maintain Good Health at Work

Better health is what everybody wants. Whether it is your home or office, you should be more concerned about your health. Monitoring your health is really important as you want to avoid possible hazards of being infected with some sort of disease. Since most of our time is spent at work, it’s really important to maintain good health habits at workstation. Here are some handy tips for workplace health and wellness.

workplace health tips

1. Get regular small intervals

Whenever you are caught up with a great deal of work, never forget to pause and get a small break at regular intervals. When you are used to work monotonously, as a workaholic, you will feel less human and more robotic. This will lead to many mental stresses, which will later be followed by depression and hysteria. If you are working with the computer, it is advisable that you have an interval once in 20 minutes.

2. Give rest to your eyes

As you are staring at the monitor for a long period, it will be a problem for your eye in the long run. To avoid it, always remember to give a break to your eyes as often as possible. While you are on work, focus your eyes on a distant object that you can see in the near vicinity. Just concentrate on it for a moment and get back to work.

Besides, you can switch to a nice flash presentation that is eye-catching and that will give you relaxation. You can also elicit the closing of your eyes as an immediate eyestrain relief just in case. This is what we call as eye breaks. The eyes are fragile anatomical structures of our body responsible for vision. Just imagine the result if you overuse and abuse them.

However never forget about the threat that you are exposed to, as you can have headaches, eyestrains and related ailments. Using an anti-glare screen can reduce your pain with eyes. These screens filter the bright light coming from the computer screen. In this connection, there are some monitors that emit radiation so it pays to be wary of such.

3. Have a good posture while sitting

Sit in a comfortable position on your chair, so that your feet will touch the ground. Or else, you can use a footrest when seating. Keeping your knees at right angles with the floor will do a lot to reduce the pressure that is born. Plus this posture will distribute the total weight of your body so that no harm is likely placed on you. There are some chairs sold in stores that have variable heights. Refer a suitable chair to your boss so that you can have one bought, if needed.

4. Be straight and keep your backbone erect

Otherwise, if you tend to bend towards the desk, table or monitor you will likely develop a pain in the bones and back within a course of only a few months. Indeed, you have to choose a posture that is comfortable for you at the same time when you are sitting straight. You will discover that this good health habit has an influential role towards your health in general.

5. Get your lunch at noon

This is a fundamental health factor that should be dealt with much care. In most offices, it is possible to notice that workers are taking lunch anytime they want. Some even postpone their lunchtime till evening, because of the heavy workload they are experiencing.

But this is not an option. Remember that this will lead you to have gastritis that can generate a lot of severe side effects and discomforts when present. You will suffer a lot when the acidic glands of the abdomen release excessive amounts of gastric acid and since there’s no food present, your abdomen will be eroded by the acid. Therefore, it’s best to take lunch at mid-day and get back to work, no matter how important the work is, your body is first.

6. Keep the mouse beside the keyboard

When you are working with a computer, always keep the mouse beside the keyboard, so that the mouse is easily reachable. An optical mouse is advised so that you will be more comfortable when moving the cursor across the screen. Let’s say you have to stretch your arms frequently to get the mouse moving, if you keep on doing this, you will experience a huge amount of fatigue and you will most likely feel a lot of difficulty in getting used to a new type of work, when required.

7. Don’t work alone

Although you are at work, try to communicate with your fellow co-workers and keep a fairly good relationship with them. Have a good friend at the office and make sure he or she is easily accessible whenever needed. Thus, you can get rid of boredom and laziness, all of which can take place if you are emotionally less active and robotic-type. Talk about common matters and keep the chat going on as best as possible. Moreover, your health will surely be improved together with public relationships as well.

8. Keep your head at the same level with the PC screen

As mentioned, when dealing with computers you must be in a straight sitting position on the chair and must keep your head at the same level with the PC screen. Make this a habit to help you gain more confidence and health. In fact, your head should be more parallel with the top of the screen and this is best to avoid possible strains with your neck. Otherwise you shall find yourself always turning the neck all over the place, only to find out that the latter has triggered a panic situation in relation with your health.

9. Not feeling well? Get a consultation from doctor immediately

If you found out that you are ill, while at work, don’t waste your time. Go and get a consultation from the best affordable doctor as soon as possible. Reveal all what happened in detail and take the necessary medications. More importantly, it is essential that you should ask your doctor what caused the illness to occur. If the reason, given by the doctor would be pertaining to your job or work at office, it’s about time you immediately took the necessary precautions to avoid something like that from ever happening again.

10. Make sure you receive the needed training

If you are new to the job that you are doing at present, make sure that you receive the necessary training and instructions that are needed for work. The company and its administration can be held responsible for any violations of uninitiated promised trainings or other defective facilities. For example, if your work involves dealing with drugs you should be well trained and safeguarded by the governing body of the company as it’s totally risky for your health.

Now these are not at all difficult things to do, are they? All you need to do is make a little shift in your current habits and reap the benefits of good health practices at work.

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