Eyeglasses: Frames for Your Face

Guys don’t make passes at girls with glasses went the old adage. But that was then; this is now – Eyeglasses and spectacles today are anything but boring and staid. Spectacles today say – look at me, I am smart, trendy, have a personality and a very personal sense of style!

And with the range of cheap reading glasses available today, this has become easy as well. The wide range of fashionable and trendy reading glass styles today mean that you can pick a frame shape to suit your face and its proportions. You can suit the color and design to suit your skin and hair coloring. They can also be quite inexpensive, which means that it is possible to have several sets to go with different outfits or separate sets for work and play!


Gone are the days when eyeglasses were worn only by the nerds and geeks. Many today sport eyeglasses with plain lenses simply because they want to lend authority or distinction to their face. One can cleverly use eyeglasses to reflect one’s personality – they can convey a business like appearance; or as easily convey a fun loving and approachable aspect of a person.

Designers today understand that people come in all shapes, sizes, hues and personalities and there is no reason why their eyeglasses should reflect all of this versatility and variety. A person can choose a wackiest color in the spectrum; denoting their personal quirkiness and if they so wish, they can pick soberest hue imaginable; conveying the impression of impersonal professionalism.

The glasses can be as plain and severe as a person desires and they can be as coolly embellished as one may want – rhinestones and other glitzy stone inlays in the frames make sure that the glasses you wear make your face an unforgettable one!

And it isn’t just funky fashionable colors and other embellishments that can make your glasses stand out in a crowd; it is also the shape of the frames that can create a real impact – pick an angular cut frame, a no-nonsense comfortable frame, a cute upturned frame recalling irresistibly to mind a saucy French mademoiselle – take your pick to suit your face!

The right choice of frame can actually enhance and augment one’s looks – they can emphasize the eyes and take one’s attention away from facial flaws. Good specs can act as an attractive frame and balance a face, and add character and a distinctive personality to the wearer.

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