Infant Sleep Positioners Pose Suffocation Risk: Warns U.S. FDA

Parents are warned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission not to use infant sleep positioners as they pose a risk of suffocation. According to reports, from last 13 years, at least 12 infants of one to four months age died of suffocation in sleep positioners.

infant-sleep-positioner-warningParents use these positioners to keep their infants in proper position while sleeping. These baby products are endorsed to lessen flat head syndrome, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), or acid reflux, but there is no proof scientifically. Some of these positioners come with side bolsters and some are inclined in the form of wedge.

To avoid SIDS, parents put their babies to sleep on their back. Most parents are worried how to make sure infants stay on their backs while asleep. But, if babies are rolled on to their bellies, they can also roll back to their positions once they feel suffocated.

However, if babies are rolled on to their tummies in a sleep positioned, it will be hard to get back to their position or they can be trapped between the side of the crib and positioner.

That’s why FDA warned parents not to use the positioners. Instead, they can put their babies to sleep on their backs in the cribs without comforters, pillows, toys, and quilts. If this method is followed, the baby can have place to move or turn around in the crib while sleeping.

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