The Magic of Clear, Invisible Braces

Smile they say increases your face value. But for some of us a smile can mean a grimace pulled taut over and across teeth that have to be hidden at all cost! Because we have unseemly crooked teeth, an unattractive overbite; or horror of horrors we have braces!

Braces can be a bald truth of life for so many of us not blessed with the perfect set of pearly whites. Braces can be something that we may try to hide, an unattractive appendage that attests to our dental imperfections! So how would clear invisible braces sound? Braces in all but appearance, working behind the scene so to speak; to restore the appearance of your teeth effectively, yet invisibly!

What are clear invisible braces?


It is a revolutionary new technology that allows the braces to do their job of teeth imperfections; but without being obvious about it. While traditionally we had braces that meant the usual mouth full of metal type of look. But this is no longer necessarily the case. Modern orthodontic advancements mean that there are many more options available.

Metal braces are the traditional braces that however in recent times have become smaller and less obvious than they used to be. The braces then tend to be smaller with a metal wire running through them. Then there are ceramic braces with a metal wire running through them which renders the braces themselves to be practically invisible with only the wire running through them being obvious or visible.

Yet another marvel of technology in teeth braces are the ceramic braces with the tooth colored wire, so that the braces and the wire blend into the background and are barely visible.

All of the braces described above may be less visible or unobvious. Invisible braces, on the other hand, are those that are really invisible. These are the braces that are affixed behind the teeth so that they are genuinely invisible to the onlooker.

What can invisible braces do for you?

In general braces can make you self-conscious and may dent your self-esteem and confidence, making you appear less self-assured and less secure in yourself and your abilities. They can leave you wondering what the opposite person may think of you, and you may find yourself hiding your teeth as far as possible. With invisible or clear braces however, your self confidence is once again restored – you can once again smile with confidence, resting assured that no one can see the braces that are doing their corrective work all the time!

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  1. Dental braces

    Dental Braces are given for straightening of teeth and alignment of teeth. Most of people don’t want to go for braces treatment because they don’t want metallic teeth. but with the introduction of invisible and hidden braces, they can now opt for them. they are hardly noticeable from the distance. The disadvantage of these cosmetic braces is that they are a bit more expensive then the conventional braces and can be used in certain cases only.

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