Anti-Cancer Drug Found to Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease

Modern age is the age in which the inventions in the medical field are defeating the diseases to a much greater extent as compared to the previous ages in which diseases were considered a bane to mankind. People died of a mere fever which can now be cured very easily. Studies and research works have helped man to defeat many syndromes and diseases.

Anti-Cancer Drug Reverses Alzheimer's

According to a latest study that may prove very beneficial to man in the years to come, an anti cancer drug can reverse a disease known as the Alzheimer’s disease in rats and mice. Alzheimer’s disease is a neurologic disorder of the brain which leads to loss of neurons and the loss of intellect. This research is of great medical importance and it may open several new prospects in the medicine industry.

This discovery can open doors to the manufacture of several life saving drugs and scientists would be able to explore new vistas in this industry. This study was published too in a journal called ‘Science’. It examined various previously published after effects of bexarotene, a drug approved by FDA.

It stated that the medicine generally improves the cognitive deficiency in mice and hence should be good for the Alzheimer’s disease in humans. But there was a drawback that the effect on the amyloid plaques could not be observed minutely. But the study proved very useful and it paved a way for modern scientists to work towards progress in this prospect.

People have begun to believe now that bexarotene can be considered as a medicine for Alzheimer’s disease. Basically the medication i.e. bexarotene enhances memory and the amyloid plaques are removed at a very fast rate form the mind of the infected mouse suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The amyloid plaques are generated from toxic fragments of protein, called as amyloid beta; they are said to damage the neurons that can affect a person seriously. Also the critical effects include the loss of memory, even leading to death. Bexarotene is a complex of vitamin A which triggers RXR or retinoic X receptors found in the brain cells including neurons. Once set into action, they cling to the DNA and guide the expression of the gene responsible for various biological functions.

There are many theories regarding the operation principle of bexarotene. But it is an epic discovery in medication and is worth noticing. It has no significant effect on the weight and general behavior of the mice which shows that is not that harmful as compared to the other drugs of the same family.

Moreover it was successful both in male and female mice. Hence the drug is advancement in the modern age and the time no longer remains when we had to search for a needle in a haystack. Thus this discovery is important in the medical viewpoint and it can help several people by saving their lives’. Thus it has in true terms become a boon to the present century and will continue to serve mankind in the same unique way.

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