Charcoal Blackhead Removal Mask

Chances are everyone with an active Facebook account has a good idea what a charcoal mask is, and might have tried it already or planning to. Before we get deep into that, ever seen someone with a perfect, smooth, and glowing skin and you are like lucky chap! How can someone be so perfect? Even after trying every imaginable product from every cosmetics store on the planet, your skin is a far the cry from smooth. Having Blackheads, huge clogged pores and a rough skin is a tragedy. Despite your unmitigated efforts to masquerade as not fazed by your skin situation, your confidence is at stake. The good news is, with charcoal mask there is hope for the imperfect.


The charcoal mask is a face mask with charcoal as the main ingredient, not just any charcoal but activated charcoal. Like most face masks, the charcoal mask is aimed at reducing blackheads, unclogging pores leaving you with a clean, smooth skin. However, the charcoal mask is more effective and embellishing than other face masks. The activated charcoal leaves no trace of dirt, bacteria’s or any other impurities lethal to your skin that you had accumulated during the day. It gives faster and better results than a regular face mask.

How to Make a Peel Off Charcoal Face Mask


There is more than one way to make a blackhead mask, they all differ in some ingredients except the activated charcoal. Otherwise how can we call it black mask without charcoal in it? We will go through three usual ways to make this magical mask.

  • Activated charcoal powder
  • Bentonite clay
  • Water
  • Honey
  • Lavender essential oil

For a single use mix water, two teaspoons, followed by essential oil in a bowl. Add a tablespoon bentonite clay and leave it for a minimum of ten minutes to absorb. Note bentonite clay is a special clay that is capable of absorbing efficiently and destroy microorganisms that can cause infections, a quality that helps fight acne. Add two tablespoons of activated charcoal and one of honey. Mix until smooth

The second way of making charcoal mask is by merely replacing honey with apple cider vinegar. For those who might wonder, apple cider vinegar is excellent benefits for the skin from fighting acne, discoloring blemishes left after the acne heals, washing away toxins to reducing wrinkles leaving you with a youthful skin.

Using a Charcoal Mask Is Same as Using Any Other Mask

  1. Step: Clean your face with a cleanser gentle to your face.
  2. Step: Apply your face mask on your whole face or the part of the face you need to apply the mask.
  3. Step: Wait for about 10 minutes or more than wash your face with warm water. On the case of peel off black charcoal mask. Peel off the mask gently until it all comes off.

Charcoal Mask Tips

Before you get frantic about this face mask, results of any skin care products are very volatile. It all depends on how you use it. There is always the perfect ways to use a product to guarantee remarkable results. In other words, they are called tips or tricks. Some of them include:

  1. Prep your face. You should not apply your face mask on a dirty face just because it can do that. Clean your face beforehand and exfoliate if possible for a better outcome. Don’t be astounded if it works better on other people than you.
  2. The amount of time you leave the mask on your face is very important. Usually, the mask is left for about ten to twenty minutes then washed off. Keep in mind that less time will render the whole process a waste of time. However, don’t leave the mask on the face for too long to avoid depletion of useful oils on your skin which will leave it dry and vulnerable.
  3. Don’t forget to moisturize after washing or peeling off. Moisturizing is one of the most crucial steps that many are oblivious of due to the excitement. Remember the face has been stripped some of the natural oils and is partially dry. Moisturize your face to counteract the dryness. This applies to all skin types.

One last tip when using the charcoal mask remember to wear clothes that are less prone to stains.

Benefits of Charcoal Masks

General advantages of activated charcoal facemask are apparent according to the content of this article. Nonetheless, I am going to list them:

  • Cleanses the skin: The charcoal mask removes all the dirt from your face making it feel cleaner. A clean skin means fewer breakouts and vice versa.
  • Shrinks pores: It goes without saying that large skin pores are one of the major issues when it comes to skins health and general beauty. This is because large pores are easy to attract and store dirt. This condition is called clogged pores. Clogged pores not only make your skin look unhealthy, it can lead to acne. With charcoal face masks, the pores are unclogged leaving them smaller.
  • Great for oily skin: We have already stated that if the charcoal face mask is left on the skin for a long time, some of the natural oils on the skin necessary for a healthy skin reduce significantly. While this might not be good for dry skin, it’s a good thing for oily skin which overproduces the oil.
  • Exfoliates the skin: You might not feel it, but the mask exfoliates your skin gently removing dead cells that deny your skin the glow it deserves.
  • Leaves the skin glowing: A glowing clean, healthy looking skin is a dream for everyone, and charcoal black mask precisely does that if used right. Confirm from the above tips.

Dangers of Peel Off Charcoal Blackhead Face Mask

Peel of the charcoal mask is no doubt flooding the market; everyone is dying to try it. It turns out the magical peel of charcoal mask, just like any other beauty product promising to bring your sexy back in a couple of minutes has a dark side too just like its color. As much as this mask does well to your skin, it has some adverse side effects that you might want to know before you try. In fact, some doctors have come forward to voice their strong on this crazed internet product, and warning people of the dangers it poses on the skin on the long-term .so the question is could be our savior product do more bad than good. Some of them include:

Why Is It So painful?

I mean, have you watched the videos of those who have tried this peel off the mask? Despite the results looking like goals and you can see all the dirt that was on your skin which is fantastic by the way the mask looks so painful to get it off your skin. I know some people are even scared to try this product. There is a video where a girl peels off the mask together with her eyebrows, literary after mistakenly applying it on her whole face. You can imagine what it does to the skin. If you still want to try, you might want to look out for the eyebrows though.

Using glue on your face is too extreme despite the jaw-dropping results which come at a price. These masks do a lot of harm to your skin, the mask just like its name, and peel off mask peels off a layer of your skin to bring out another smooth layer. Such kind of aggression repeatedly will deprive your skin of essential oils and cause it to thin Apart from the charcoal mask, there is another peel off mask known as ASTRID pro blackhead remover peel off mask. This mask is another hyped mask, people who have had a chance to try this mask term is life-changing. ASTRID peel off masks takes only a few minutes to help you achieve a radiant skin free from blackheads, bacteria’s leaving your pores clean and smaller. The main reason why people are so crazed with the product.

Having talked about the charcoal black mask, you have an idea of what the mask is all about. You can weigh the benefits you get from this great mask versus the disadvantages and see if it’s all worth a try. Besides, plenty of people have tried it and has worked. Everything has a price.

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