Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

Weight gain is a serious issue and if you are highly overweight then there are so many complications related to it. If you have gained weight within a span of few months or years then it might be also due to some medical complications, and not paying heed to it can be detrimental. So, whenever you gain excessive weight, it’s advisable that you go for a medical check up to see whether it is due to your lifestyle or any other medical condition.

We gain weight mostly due to unhealthy eating habits. Hardly ever do we pay attention to the amount of calories we are consuming but after some time all those extra calories start showing up at wrong places of our body. Only then we realize our mistake.

Don’t jump on to the pills that promise weight loss

If you happen to see some advertisements promising to help you in losing weight within a week don’t jump on to it. These are mostly false hopes or they will put you in such a strict regime that your body will be getting affected badly due to this. You might lose weight initially but after a point it will start coming back.

Chinese herbs and weight loss

There are some methods which will help you lose weight but only if you combine them with proper diet and exercise. The process may be slow and you won’t get any visible changes within a week or a month but it is definitely effective. Including Chinese herbs in the diet and combining it with exercise will make you stronger and at peace with your body; you will start feeling healthier from inside. Here are some popular Chinese herbs that are often used in weight loss programs:

1. Herbs for fighting fat


Herbs like Metabo Chi, Ultra Fen-Chi, Digest Chi and Thermo Slim Chi are perfect for your war against that bulging fat in your body. These herbs actually help in speeding up the process of digestion before the food gets the time to change itself into excess fat. Our digestive system is the main place where the nutrients of the food get absorbed and in order to sustain normal function of our body we must take care of our digestive system. And these Chinese herbs are found to be good for our digestive system.

2. Herbs for regular bowels

If you have irregular bowel movement, then all the impurities and toxins get accumulated in the colon. An excess of these will hamper the normal functioning of the bowel movement and it will lead to undernourishment of the body and you will soon start feeling the urge to have those unhealthy foods, thus leading to weight gain. Therefore maintaining regular bowels is important if you really want to lose weight. The Chinese herb called Bowel Build chi or the Bowel Cleanse Chi helps you keep your bowels regular.

3. Herbs for water balance

Maintaining proper level of water in the body is an important aspect that most of the weight loss aspirants conveniently tend to overlook. In addition to drinking enough water, you can also have Chinese herbs like Sang Ji Sheng or Chinese Yam, Kidney Chi or the Kidney Flush Chi as they will help your body moisten and maintain proper water balance.

4. Herbs for digestion

Herbs like Digest Chi, Thermo Slim Chi, Ultra Fen-Chi or Metabo Chi, etc. are said to be effective for digestion. But along with these, you should also maintain a healthy diet and avoid having high calorie foods.

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