What Is Immunization and How Does It Work?

Good health is not just about proper eating,   exercise,   and proper sleep. How can you ensure that you are protected from different types of diseases? The very first thing arises for such is vaccinations really help in preventing diseases.  So, what actually is immunization?

Immunization is the process in which a sterile is purposely put in your system so that your body can produce anti-bodies and protect itself from the disease. Immunizations work by helping the body prepare antibodies to fight a disease. Immunizations work by keeping a person safe contracting a disease “later”.

Active and Passive Immunization


Active immunization is the stimulation with the specific antigen to promote an immune response. Since, active immunization induces the body to produce its own antibodies and mainly reactive cells and to go producing them so that the production against disease will last many years.

Passive immunization is the treatment that provides immunity through the transfer of antibodies obtained from an immune individual. Here the stimulus is applied externally.

Is Vaccination Compulsory?

If we do vaccinate we should know that there are side effects and possible infections. The side effects are generally mild and extremely rare. But if we don’t vaccinate the risks are far great if we happen to be exposed to the virus. We could develop a severe case of whichever disease we happen to have caught including permanent damage and possibly death.

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