Laser Hair Removal – A Brief Introduction

Laser hair removal is today, one of the most effective and well accepted methods of long term hair removal. Whether you suffer from a disorder or imbalance that causes excess hair growth or whether you are a person highly concerned with personal hygiene and grooming who wants a flawlessly hairless look at all times, laser hair removal may be just the thing for you.

Do you want to no longer have to wax your arms and legs every few days? Do you want freedom from having to get your eyebrows shaped and your upper lip threaded every so often? Do you desire that sexy completely bald pate?


One solution for each of these problems and many more could be a single one – laser hair removal. Hair from practically any part of the body can be removed with this technology; whether it is hairy back or a hairy butt that plagues your life!

In laser hair removal, a high energy beam of light energy is directed to the area of the body from which hair is to be removed. This targets the root or follicle of the hair and destroys the cells that keep the hair growing. This is what prevents the hair from starting to grow again.

While this is the basic technology that laser hair removal uses, there are constantly advances being made in this field with the result that the treatment is more effective today than ever before! Also, whereas earlier laser treatments were suitable and effective only for people with certain coloring (dark hair and light skin), today it is possible for others as well to get the benefit of this long lasting method of hair removal.

Safety and pain are two concerns that people often express about laser hair removal – how painful is the treatment and how safe is it. There is discomfort when the treatment is performed, but it is not so painful as to be unbearable; most people can tolerate it very well. As for safety, as far as the clinic that you visit uses approved equipment and trained and well experienced personnel to perform the procedures, you can be rest assured that lasers are quite safe to use for hair removal.

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