20 Natural Home Remedies for Common Ailments and Health Problems

In this modern world, whenever people get sick, the usual resort is to go to the nearest pharmacy and ask for over-the-counter medicines. Others seek their doctor’s advice and sometimes ask for antibiotics and other prescription drugs. Quite a few had gone through surgeons just to find solutions to their health issues. But try to look back at the olden days. People then only used items that were found in their very own house or even in the garden. Given below are some of the best natural home remedies for common health problems and ailments.

common natural home remedies

1. Echinacea

Did you know that its extract can provide you with an escape from colds? If the symptoms of colds are starting to show on you, drink a 300-mg extract of echinacea for 1 to 2 weeks. With this herb, colds and flu will surely back-off.

2. Garlic

Garlic is one of the wonder spices known to man. Just a clove of garlic and sore throat, as well as, colds will surely not proceed on giving you a hard time. Garlic is one of the best remedies in strengthening your immune system. Garlic has a substance called allicin which fights viruses causing colds.

Instead of buying antibiotics, garlic’s allicin acts as an antibiotic which can also fight infections. Among others, garlic can cure atherosclerosis (heart disease) and varicose veins. Garlic has sulfur compounds which prevents blood clotting and can actually unclog blocked arteries. Just mince a clove of garlic and take advantage of the aforementioned benefits.

3. Ginger

A ginger powder (or a piece of ginger) in a basin of hot water can provide a fast cure for headaches. Just soak your feet in it for 15 minutes and you will be relieved. Munching a fresh ginger is another way to get rid of those painful headaches.

4. Celery

If your problem is high blood pressure, chewing a crunchy celery everyday can lower your blood pressure. Celery is among the crunchy vegetables, which has a substance that can lessen the level of stress hormones; thereby blood vessels will easily widen to allow more space for blood.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

If you feel like you’ve eaten something that can poison you, don’t wait for food poisoning to knock you off. Just mix a glass of water with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to prevent any bacteria to destroy your stomach.

6. Rosemary

This is such a tasty, sweet herb which can boost your memory. If you’re starting to experience memory loss, take this.

7. Witch Hazel

This is good in curing hemorrhoids. Just chop witch hazel leaves. The measurement should be 5 to 10 teaspoonfuls and put it in a cup of water. Leave it for 10 minutes. Strain to remove the particles then use it as a poultice.

8. Honey

Well, aside from using this as a facial mask to prevent or get rid of pimples, honey has multiple uses. Honey can be used as a facial mask for 10-15 minutes then just rinse it properly to prevent the pores on your face from clogging. This can prevent pimples and, at the same time, result in smooth face. But also, if you are suffering from constipation, honey will be of great help. Just mix 1 to 3 teaspoons of it in a glass of warm water then drink it.

9. Onions

Bug bites can irritate and have unbearable sting. Get an onion and mince it, then mash it to squeeze off its juice. Apply the onion juice to the sting part of your skin and this will actually reduce the pain and lessen the swelling.

10. Cinnamon

If you have just cut yourself, it is advisable that you stop the bleeding. Get a cinnamon after washing and drying the cut. Put some cinnamon powder on it then wrap the wound with cloth or bondage. This won’t just stop the bleeding but it can actually heal the cut, relieve your pain and kill any bacteria that may infect your wound.

11. Mustard

Suffering from muscle cramp? Just reach out for a mustard and mix it with water and slurp it.

12. Horseradish

Don’t let hay fever stop you from your daily routine. Mixing a tablespoon of horseradish with a drop of honey would be of great help. The powerful team-up will destroy any bacteria. On the other hand, horseradish can unblock your clogged nose due to mucus.

13. Tea Bag

Don’t just think that tea bags are useless after you soak it in a cup of hot water. If you’re suffering from swollen gums which are disturbingly painful, put that warm tea bag against those swollen gums for 15 minutes. Do it at least three times a day. So, after a cup of tea use that tea bag to ease the pain of swollen gums.

14. Papaya

Some will call it pawpaw. But regardless of how people call it, mashed unripe papaya can actually take off dead skin. You will always have that new skin to make you look younger. As for wounds, putting mashed unripe papaya on it can prevent infection.

15. Salt

Gargle a warm water with salt (specifically ¼ tsp salt is to ½ cup of water) to cure your sore throat.

16. Banana Peel

Who would ever expect that this rubbish can be used as an ordinary bandage? Well, in the past years, this was proven to ease the pain.

17. Lavender Oil

Mix 12 drops of it with 6 drops of rosemary oil, 4 drops of juniper oil and 3 drops of peppermint oil. Lastly, add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and apricot kernel. Rub the mixture into your swollen muscle and that will do a miracle.

18. Basil

You can’t just put basil as a sauce for your pasta, but it actually has other uses unknown to most people. One of which is that it can relieve the pain brought about by bug bites.

19. Tea

Green tea has been proven to solve weight problems. This is the safest way to lose weight and at the same time stay healthy. Tea can also strengthen the bones because of its antioxidants.

20. Persimmon

One way to fight atherosclerosis is to eat persimmon. These fruits came from China. The fiber, potassium, calcium and antioxidants contents of it are good in curing atherosclerosis.

With these natural remedies, you are surely on your way to a good start to your health. Try them and you’ll surely marvel with their amazing therapeutic properties.

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