Smooth Away the Years with Turkey Neck Surgery

Let’s face it – the years and the pounds take a toll on our looks; even the best looking among us, after some years need some help in the looks department! Do a simple test – compare a picture of yours ten years ago with a picture taken recently and the changes; some subtle, some not so subtle are clear to see!

With the years, the jowls start to appear, that dreaded double chin (and in some cases a third and a fourth as well) makes an appearance, the neck becomes lined and the skin sags; all of which gives away our years. The loose, fatty skin on the neck then assumes a turkey like appearance; so is it any wonder that turkey neck surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries today?


Whether it is because you have put on a lot of weight and you want to restore your bygone youthful look or whether you have recently lost a significant amount of weight which has left the skin of your neck loose, lined and sagging, turkey neck surgery can help.

Neck and chin liposuction is a very popular procedure that many opt for, not only to improve their appearance but also to get a huge boost in self confidence and even perhaps boost one’s professional and personal graph. In this procedure, the fatty pocket under the chin, jaw and around the neck is targeted to remove excess fat tissue.

For the actual procedure ‘stab’ incisions are made in the skin of this area – usually below the ear or the chin, and a small amount of fat is extracted or removed. The incision is closed off, usually with a single suture. The procedure itself can take about one hour and the recovery time is very short – the dressings are removed within hours of surgery and the holding tape a couple of days later.

Though there will be some amount of bruising for up to three weeks after the procedure, it is possible to continue with normal and everyday activities as before. Women tend to have less obvious bruising than men.

Neck and chin Liposuction also helps to tighten the skin to give a lean and toned appearance to the face once again; as well as to restore the angle between neck and chin. The procedure can help restore lost youth and impart a new attractiveness.

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