Teeth Whitening Solutions for a Million Dollar Smile

Pearly white teeth have always indicated good looks, fitness and health, and a significant degree of personal confidence. White teeth are something we all desire but with age and mineral changes that occur in teeth, they do tend to darken. Over time, teeth become discolored or stained; there is also a negative impact on the whiteness of teeth due to certain types of medications.

All in all, time takes its toll on our teeth, and the bleaching of teeth is a common option for whitening teeth and removing stains and discolorations. However it is known to have certain side effects such as chemical burns, over-bleaching, pain (in case of sensitive teeth) and even an increased risk of tongue cancer.


For all of these reasons, people now seek a safe and effective method of teeth whitening. As a result, technology known as power whitening has become a popular and effective way to restore whiteness and brightness to the teeth once again. It offers a million dollar smile; the sort you may see smiling out at you from the cover of a glamorous glossy, but in an affordable, safe and convenient manner.

Power whitening is a simple and non arduous procedure that takes a single treatment of just one hour. It involves a simple application of a non bleaching treatment and involves none of the pain that we associate with the dentists’ chair. The results are instantaneous so that when you walk out after your treatment you will see a palpable difference in your smile already!

Power whitening uses a lamp that activates a special formula whitening gel that removes the tooth stains and discolorations that have accumulated on teeth over the years of eating, drinking and perhaps smoking as well. Since the procedure doesn’t use gel, there is no pain caused to those with sensitive teeth nor is there the likelihood that one will develop sensitivity in their teeth as a result of the procedure.

There is a range of different types of whitening gels that are used or customized according to individual needs, and one can get results that whiten teeth up to 12 shades lighter than before. There is little or no discomfort experienced during the whitening process. One can enjoy up to two years of bright, clean, white teeth after the power whitening procedure and even get future top-ups at very economical rates.

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