Treating PCOS Through Naturopathy

Rather than one condition, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a name given to a range of symptoms caused by certain endocrine disorders in women. The causes of PCOS are thought to be largely genetic and symptoms usually include irregular menstrual cycles, acne, excess hair growth, insulin resistance, weight gain and infertility. There is no complete cure for PCOS; it is more a case of managing the symptoms in a way that the symptoms become less acute and troublesome.

Many women prefer to use alternative treatments such as natural treatments to manage PCOS since they use holistic methods of healing that include lifestyle changes, stress reduction and nature based medications rather than mainstream pharmaceuticals. Here are some ways to treat PCOS naturally:


The PCOS Diet

Insulin resistance is one of the main symptoms and this can be a challenge because it can lead to type 2 diabetes if not managed properly. The main changes in the diet is altering the proportion and the type of carbohydrates consumed. Studies have demonstrated that lowering the total amount of carbs consumed and increasing the proportion of quality protein helps with improving insulin resistance.

It is recommended that the carbs consumed should come from whole grains, fruits and vegetables; in other words complex carbs that also contain significant amounts of fiber and diet. Eating foods with a low glycemic indeed is important. It is also important to have smaller, more frequent meals. A PCOS diet should exclude caffeine; which is known to interfere with the secretion of certain hormones.

Natural Weight Loss

In cases where a woman’s PCOS symptoms include overweight or obesity, weight loss is seen to be very effective in managing the symptoms. Lifestyle alterations to adopt a regular exercise regiment and a PCOS friendly diet can show long lasting, consistent results. Sustained weight loss can show improvements in menstrual cycle regularity, fertility insulin resistance and a general improvement of quality of life.

Herbal Medications and Supplements

Experts of natural medicine also recommend herbal medications derived from Chase tree, peony & licorine and blue cohosh among others to help manage the condition. Fish oil supplements or evening primrose oil supplements are also thought to be effective for managing PCOS symptoms. Nutritional supplements containing chromium, calcium & vitamin D, a B complex supplement or Co-enzyme Q10 are also recommended for improving symptoms. Supplements containing zinc and magnesium may also help. However it is important to tailor a supplement regime to each woman’s symptoms and their severity.

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