Controlling Others Through Covert Hypnosis Techniques

Hypnosis is the art of controlling people’s subconscious mind. Influencing or changing their opinions to your desired wish, is essence of hypnotism. During hypnotism, the operator or the hypnotist makes suggestions. The subject slips down his subconscious stage and accepts the operator’s views as his own thoughts. Clinical hypnotism or stage hypnotism is usually done with the consent of the person to be hypnotized.

What is covert hypnosis?

Covert Hypnosis Techniques

Covert Hypnosis is the form of Ericksonian Hypnosis, where the individual is hypnotized without consent or realizing the process. Covert hypnosis is otherwise also known as conversational hypnosis or ‘sleight of mouth’. Covert hypnotism is done during the course of normal conversation with the ‘subject’.

Prerequisites of covert hypnosis

The first task for the hypnotist is to gain good rapport with the target. Connecting issues and little amount of trust is needed by the hypnotist, before controlling the target. Next, the hypnotist tries to shut down the conscious mind of the target. Doubtful and critical mind are difficult to control. The hypnotist smooths the target with subtle suggestions. Once the target is under complete control, the hypnotists uses commands to get the desired wish.

Covert hypnosis techniques

1. Eye Cue

People’s thoughts are normally reflected through their body language. Their imagination or remembrance of some moment can be differentiated through their eyes. Hypnosis done through eyes is called as eye cue. Movement of the eyes is used to capture the target. This may seem to be simple, but requires immense practice.

2. Cold Reading

Cold reading is some sort of mind reading in which the hypnotist convinces the target and makes them believe that they are same as what the hypnotists is saying about them. This technique is popularly used by spirituals, mentalists and psychics, during which they create an illusion of discovering you. This requires some initial observations of the target.

3. Hot Reading

Hot reading is a powerful form of hypnotism, which requires detailed information about the targeted person. The target should not be aware of the fact that operator has prior knowledge. The hypnotist gains full control over the target, as he believes the hypnotist to have some physic power.

4. Warm Reading

Warm reading is done without any practical observations of the target. Hypnotist uses generalized view, and the target believes that the views are related to them. Warm Reading can be used to start a conversation and help collect information about the target then after.

5. Deception

After certain good rapport and level of trust, the hypnotist uses deception to influence the opinions of the target. The hypnotist should try to keep his original self under veil, without the target knowing about the true intentions.

6. Sub modality

For this technique, the hypnotist uses delicate information about the target, like different context or issues and their related responses. For example, if the target is an architect, then the hypnotist will use mega structures and designs as the subject to activate the hypnosis process.

7. Misdirection

The Hypnotist misdirects the target, by diverting their attention towards another context while holding on to the original suggestion. The target is not able to realize the main motive, and follows the suggestions.

Covert Hypnosis helps people wade through any situation and turn it to their advantage. Covert hypnosis keeps people around you mesmerized by your charm and under your control.

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