3 Quick Ways to Choose Healing Crystals

I have found three important but very easy ways which you can use to quickly determine which particular crystal in your collection can be used at any given moment for any healing purpose. You can use all the three of these tips quickly; so this works great when you are shopping for new crystals or maybe some gemstone japa mala beads. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best crystals and gemstones for you by color, by the method of formation, and by their softness or hardness.


Choosing Crystals by Color

The first way you can easily determine which crystal to use is going by the color of the stone. For example, if you’re going through something that needs activation, a quick activation, use the red colored stones, and of course red colored stones reminded you of the blood so you know just going by the color of the stone and by the imagery that comes into your awareness.

You can pick the stone if you’re using a green stone. Remember that green stones work on the physical detoxification and the physical processes in the body, so use a green stone depending on how you’re feeling in your life. If something’s going on in your life and you need an you need to start something.

If you need to initiate or start something new then work with the yellow gemstones. If you need to count any situation down in your life, work with the blue stones. If you’re working with anything that needs an evolution or a quick transmutation of energy, you can work with the purple stones or the Violet stones.

Based on the color of the stone, you can quickly determine which crystal to use at any given moment. Those are just a few examples.

Choosing Crystals by Softness or Hardness

The second way to easily determine what particular crystal to use for any given situation is to go by the softness and the hardness of the gemstone. This is very important because this quickly determines how quickly you will experience the therapeutic effects of the stone is the stone is soft. It will be easier and faster for you to experience its therapeutic effects. If the stone is hard, it might take a long time because of the hardness and the rigidity of the situation.

So based on your own personal situation, if you need something to quickly dissolve, it’s easier or better to work with salt crystals like calcite and gypsum crystals. If the situation is one that needs some kind of permanence, you know something that’s very, very strong that needs some stability behind it, then you can work with quartz crystals like clear quartz or diamond.

It’s very important to really go and do our research and look into the most hardness scale of gemstones to determine if the crystal soft or is it hard. Sometimes you work with hard crystals like quartz and then our situations solidify and become more prominent so we have to know this thing so we can gauge whether the hard crystals are working for us or rather the soft crystals are working for us.

Choosing Crystals Based Upon the Method of Formation

And finally the third way to help you determine which crystal to use at any given moment for your healing is to know how the crystals were formed. For example is your crystal a volcanic crystal like obsidian? Volcanic crystals come from the earth with such an amount of heat that they come out from under the surface and the cool quickly. So depending on your on your situation. If you need a heated situation to cool down quickly in your life, you might consider working with a volcanic crystal like obsidian.

Another thing to consider is crystals that are formed through the process of erosion by wind and water. These are processes that take a long time, so depending on your personal evaluation of your situation, you might consider working with water based or erosion based stones because these crystals that are formed through the process of erosion are usually bonded agates, and usually have layers and layers of information, especially emotional information to deal with.

So depending on your life, you can look at a crystal and think, you know, I might not need the crystal that was formed through the volcanic process, but I made need one that was formed through the process of erosion, like an aggregate, because I have layers and layers of things that I need to personally work with or resolve in my life, especially with the emotions.

You might also consider working with meteorites, crystals that come from outer space, depending on what’s going on in your life. If you want quick raise your vibration really quickly or you want to resolve something very quickly and the information you needed from up there through your Crown Chakra, coming into your being really quick, you might consider working with a meteor.

These are some easy ways that you can quickly determine what crystal to work with in your daily life. Of course you still have to listen to your intuition, and you can always look up the crystals healing properties online.

How are you working with crystals or even determining how to work with crystals on a daily basis?

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